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Thank you visiting my website “The Garden of Munich.” I really appreciate your support over the years in reading and help spreading my posts, especially your valuable comments to my articles on magazines, websites and forums. This indeed brings me infinite joys and inspiration.

As a mark of my efforts over a long period of time, I have gathered all my previous works and, having improved thereon, posted them on this website so that our garden may ever be blossoming with brightly colored flowers all year around. Thus, we may sometime – under a soft moonlight, with a breeze blowing and clouds floating – enjoy poetry over tea or wine and reflect on life, history and literature… The Garden of Munich or Hoamunich is completely free and independent of all associations and parties of any political affinity.

In an effort to retrace the roots of our Vietnamese culture, I have researched and written extensively and offer my writings here for your reading enjoyment. Please bear in mind that I always value your comments as an old saying goes: “Gentlemen agree to disagree.” I do not believe in resorting to curses or labeling others in my writings. Mistakes in citing the sources, if any, are unintentional and entirely mine and I take full responsibility for them. As for the materials and images widely available on the Internet, I shall take the liberty of using them on my website with no other purpose than enriching the visitors’ experience of the garden. I do not intend to derive any commercial benefits from using them. 

Looking back on bygone years as I grow older and older in accordance with the law of nature with its cycle of birth, aging, illness and death, I can’t help noticing my hair has now gone gray, and I realize money can only you buy comforts of life, but not health, happiness and most of all love. As all life must return to dust, I dedicate this modest contribution as a token of my feelings to my homeland and people.


Quy  Đai Nguyen

Over the years, I have collaborated with the following:

Monthly magazines: Vien Giac Duc, God’s People (Europe and Australia); Vietnam Forum, Fragrant Grass (Washington DC); Phap Am (Norway)

Special magazines: Land of the Five Phoenices (Houston); Tay Son Binh Dinh (San Jose); The Land of Quang (Washington); Sacred Fire (Toronto);  Quang Nam-Da Nang Society of Friends (Southern California); QN-DN Inter-schools Association (California); Dong Tam Literary Society, Phuong Hoang National Police of Republic of Vietnam.

Radios and Televisions: BBC, VOA, Australia, Overseas Vietnamese, New Horizon … SBTN

It warms my heart to see many articles that I wrote so long ago and have completely forgotten about them posted on; some posts were visited more than 20,000 times. Thanks to the Webmasters, forums and popular TV stations that help make them accessible to readers from around the world, particularly, the following:,,,,, (Phan Thanh Gian),, (Canada), Danchimviet,,,,, etc …

My sincere thanks to websites “Once Phan Chau Trinh ” and “Huong Duong TXD” for kindly providing me a little corner on their sites.

Kính chào qúy độc giả ghé thăm vườn hoa Munich, chân thành cảm ơn quý vị trong những năm qua đọc và phổ biến cũng như đóng góp ý kiến, phê bình rất giá trị cho những bài viết của tôi trên các báo, website, diễn đàn…. đó là niềm vui và hạnh phúc vô biên cho người cầm bút, là động cơ thúc đẩy cho tôi thêm nguồn cảm hứng.

Để đánh dấu một thời gian dài tham khảo tôi gom những bài cũ, viết thêm và bổ túc cho vườn hoamunich bốn mùa đơm hoa kết trái, hoa lá rực rỡ, xanh tươi, dưới ánh trăng thanh dịu dàng với gió thoảng, mây bay chúng ta cùng thưởng thức hương thơm trà, rượu với thi ca và nhìn lại đời sống khoa học cũng như lịch sử, văn học….Vườn hoamunich hoàn toàn độc lập không lệ thuộc vào bất cứ Hội Đoàn, Đảng phái chính trị nào.

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